Training Schedules from Mile to Half Marathon

Training Schedules from Mile to Half Marathon


Hannah285x285Whether you have been running for a while or are a complete beginner, now is a great time to plan for the months ahead, writes Hannah Nolan.

To improve your distance or your speed, or both, we will walk you through the plans for various distances to get you working toward hitting your goals!

For runners of all levels the key to improvement is consistency, structure, variation and patience! Having a plan in place really gives us that structure we need to maintain consistent training week after week.

Sticking to a plan with a little variation in both distance and pace will also enable you to see improvements in your running, but beware! – patience is vital for success! Too often we push ourselves beyond our current limits, leading to disappointment or injury. Sometimes it feels like slow progress, but if we expect results too quickly and are impatient, we can become frustrated and feel like giving up altogether. 
Results do take time – and sometimes just remaining patient and having faith in the training really does pay. Consistency WILL pay off – so just keep sticking to the plan and you’ll get there.


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