Night Moves,

Night Moves,

The Virgin Media Night Run is back this year and is happening on the 23rd of April. This year’s event will feature a brand new course taking in some of Dublin’s most iconic landmarks

Race Day Tips

Arrive early While the race kicks off at 21.00pm, we’d like to get everything up and running beforehand. Participants will gather in the staging area at 20:20pm, and we’ll have a group warm up 20:50pm. Getting to the race at least one hour before the start gives you time to pick up your number (if you don’t already have it), use the portaloo, and warm up. You don’t want to be running to the starting line.

Hydrate- But Put A Cap On It

You will need to stay hydrated throughout the day for the Night Run, but no major drinking 30 minutes before the race start. If your mouth is dry, take a sip of water. Another good tip is to take a mouthful of water, rinse and spit. A lot of it is nerves and remember there is water at the 5K mark at Hannover Quay. To refresh when you get there, squirt some water on your legs and little on the back of your neck. It’s a cooling point and refreshes the legs.

Bring Tissue Paper

The only thing worse than waiting in a long queue for the portaloo is getting to the front and realising that there’s nothing to wipe with.

Crack The Dress Code

Don’t overdress or start too fast. It will probably be cool at the start, but don’t wear more clothing than you need. Dress for 20 degrees warmer than it is outside. To stay warm at the start, you may want to bring (expendable) clothes that you can throw off after you warm up.

Start Conservatively, And Run Even

Bolting off at the start and darting in and out of runners is dangerous and also increases the likelihood of burning out early on. Run the first kilometre of the race slower than you normally would, with the goal of finish strongly – especially when you get to the 3Arena. Don’t try to ‘bank’ time by going out faster than your goal pace. Keeping an even pace throughout will save you extra energy for the final stretch to the finish past Samuel Beckett Bridge

Entries are still available.

For more information and to enter click HERE