Asics Gel Kayano 31 Review

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By Holly Smyth


The Gel-Kayano is one of Asics’ most popular running shoes especially when it comes to stability. 

There have been some subtle but vital changes to the shoe, mainly in the upper, midsole and outsole, but the 4D Guidance System that was much loved in the previous version remains!


The midsole still boasts PureGel in the rearfoot, and the 4D guidance system in the midfoot. However, the midsole foam has changed. FF Blast + Eco was added to the new Kayano to create a more cushioned feel, while at the same time improving the shoe’s carbon footprint. To round it off, the Kayano is quite a light shoe, especially when it comes to stability (which tends to be slightly heavier than basic cushioned shoes).

The 4D guidance system is really what sets this shoe apart. The sculpted midsole provides lateral compression (i.e., on the outside of the foot), and the medial foam (on the inside of the foot) guides the foot to its best position upon landing. This means the foam moves with your foot and provides correction if and when you need it, as opposed to forcing your foot into one particular position. This is what makes the Kayano a great option for a neutral runner, but in contrast somebody who typically requires a little more structure will also appreciate what the Kayano has to offer. 


The upper has been redesigned to ensure solid ventilation, which serves as a vital component to ensure having a good, enjoyable run. The engineered mesh in the Kayano’s upper keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your run, an especially important feature should you be running in warmer climates or during a hopefully sunny Irish summer’s day!  


The new outsole, called the Hybrid Asicsgrip, was designed to improve grip and also promote softness and cushioning. This is a durable outsole that doesn’t feel chunky underfoot. It is ideal to provide everything you need for a relaxing run. 


I really like this shoe! I typically wear a neutral shoe due to not needing an extra support, but the Kayano is well cushioned and supportive, without being chunky underfoot, forcing my foot into an uncomfortable position while on a run. I find this shoe versatile  and suitable for many types of runners to enjoy while being assisted with a cushioned platform to get the best level of performance.   

This is an ideal do-it-all trainer for the runner looking for one solid pair of shoes to accompany them in reaching optimum performance throughout all types of running. A comfortable recovery shoe as well -offering additional support for a runner overcoming injury.  

The Kayano is a reliable, tried and tested shoe that I would anticipate will fly off the shelves this season!   

Apparel : Energetics Zip Top and Leggings  

Reviewer : Holly Smyth  

Photographer : Sportsfile/Tyler Miller 

Brand : Asics Gel-Kayano 31 

Retail Price : €200 Euro 

Available in Intersport Elverys Stores Nationwide and Online at

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