Adidas Supernova Rise

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Overall verdict 8/10


During a 10 mile run, Supernova feels snug and comfortable with a nice feedback from the tarmacadam. It’s not a lighter shoe and has very little energy return; it’s an everyday training shoe. At 9.0oz / 255g, you wouldn’t use the Supernova for racing. My feet felt great with all the cushioning. The tongue of the shoe is thick, therefore protecting metatarsals from bruising. The Supernova 10mm drop is aggressive, midsole has good traction – no slippage on the damp roads. Peba based foam delivers a well, smooth cushioned ride. Support rods allow for natural underfoot experience. Toe box of the Supernova’s Rise kept my feet in a nice, tight, snug position throughout my 10 miles with no slippage or movement. Eva Sole is very smooth on all terrains. The heel cup offered my achilles and heel lots of protection throughout the run. Supernova’s Rise can be used as a casual shoe and for everyday activities, also in the gym when using the treadmill. Overall Supernova Rise is a very comfortable shoe. Dreamstrike Plus Supernovas will get you where you need to be in style. It’s not a slow shoe compared to others I’ve tested. I have to say after my 10 miler, my legs and feet felt very good. Supernova Rise kept me fresh throughout my run with no aches or pains. So go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of Adidas Supernova Rise – you won’t look back.

  • Light & Compact
  • Firm Feel & Cushioning
  • Everday trainer
  • Good achilles protection
  • Narrow so wont suit wide fit
  • Better race alternatives

As I unbox my new Supernova Rise, straight away I notice the beautiful colour scheme of Teal Blue and Mango colours. The shoe feels light and compact, heel stack is 35mm, forefoot is 25.5mm, so the drop is 10mm. Engineered mesh has a lovely feel to it.

As I lace up the Supernovas, there’s a firm feel, especially from the heel down to the forefoot box section. It’s a narrow enough shoe, so for someone who has a platypus wide forefoot, this Supernova cold be a tight fit.

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