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Our Top 10 podcasts right now

They’ve enjoyed a veritable explosion in popularity over the last few years and unsurprisingly, running hasn’t escaped the podcast revolution thanks mainly to the vast advancements in earphone technology.

So it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ you’re listening, but rather ‘what’ you’re listening to.

We’ve compiled a list of Irish Runner’s Top 10 picks  – in no particular order – to keep you company while racking up the miles.



  • An Irishman Abroad


What? Jarlath Regan presents this diverse weekly series featuring the greatest Irish people of all time. Recent guests include Sonia O’Sullivan and Catherina McKiernan.


What the listeners say: Brilliant! As a very occasional runner, this has really helped me improve my running plan and speed. 



  • The Inspirational Runner 


What? This feel-good bi-monthly series is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


What the listeners say: Motivation at its finest. Never fails to make me smile.




  • My Therapist Ghosted Me


What? TV presenter Vogue Williams and comedian Joanne McNally meet for a weekly chat with honesty and side-splitting laughs guaranteed.


What the listeners say: This podcast is such a tonic. Absolutely GAS!




  • The Brian Keane Podcast


What? Irish fitness entrepreneur Brian Keane answers your questions and interviews people in the worlds of fitness, health, mindset and natural wellness.


What the listeners say: This guy is a legend. He has done some incredible challenges, but always makes everything relatable. I learn so much from every episode.




  • The Rewatchables


What? This epic film podcast features The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of guests discussing movies they can’t stop watching.


What the listeners say: Fantastic podcast. Informed, passionate, interesting, entertaining.




  • The Good Glow


What? In this weekly podcast, breast cancer survivor Georgie Crawford speaks to wellness advocates and others whose inspirational stories will motivate you to make positive change.


What the listeners say: One of my favourite podcasts. Georgie radiates positivity.




  • The Rich Roll Podcast


What? This is a master class in personal and professional development from ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and author, Rich Roll.


What the listeners say: Great topics on health, achievement and living a good life.




  • The Running for Real Podcast


What? Join former professional runner and life-long athlete Tina Muir as she and her guests chat about the power of running and why our sport has always been part of humanity.


What the listeners say: I love this podcast. It really does feel like you are running with another person.




  • The Witness


What? Not for the faint-hearted, this harrowing yet gripping podcast sees Joey O’Callaghan recount his life story in Dublin’s criminal underworld which culminated in him becoming the youngest person to ever enter witness protection in Ireland.


What the listeners say: I was shaken to the core and speechless.




  • Today in Focus

What? This Guardian podcast combines personal storytelling with insightful analysis to take you behind the news headlines every weekday.


What the listeners say: This has become my only daily listen. I am definitely more educated and informed thanks to the team.



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