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Asics Nimbus 26 Review

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As I unpack my Asics Nimbus 26 FF Blast+ running shoes, straight away what hits your eyes is the Electric Lime/French Blue colour scheme upper mesh and sole. These puppies are big and chunky. Nimbus 26 FF Blast+ seem very sturdy and well-built to the touch. On closer examination, I noticed the tongue material padding is very thin and not as cushioned as the Supernova’s, therefore not offering as much protection to your precious metatarsals.

5 March 2024; Shane Healy poses for a portrait during a photo shoot for Irish Runner Magazine at the National Indoor Arena in Abbotstown, Dublin. Photo by Sam Barnes/Sportsfile *** NO REPRODUCTION FEE ***

Nimbus has an 8mm drop 42mm at the heel and 34mm at forefoot, therefore the FF Blast+ offers lots of cushioning and sidewalls of foam. Total weight of Nimbus 26 is 11½ ounces, so definitely not that light of a running shoe.

Asics Nimbus felt extremely comfortable on a recent 12 mile run. There’s plenty of space in the toe box of the shoe – maybe you might go a half size smaller if ordering as there is plenty of room, maybe too much room for my liking. Nimbus 26 is an everyday training neutral runner. I definitely wouldn’t race in FF Blasts as they are a lot heavier than the full carbon race shoes.

There’s lots of cushioning with these shoes, therefore offering a huge amount of protection, which is so so important for runners and to help with the prevention of injuries.

Nimbus 26 are brilliant for the long runs, very sturdy and comfortable. FF Blast felt great on all terrains from mountain trails, canal trails to roads.

Nimbus 26 is packed with technology and definitely worth the investment for your running.
Overall the Nimbus 26 FF Blast from Asics is a wonderful running shoe, which has state-of-the-art technology built into it and offers tons of protection to the runner’s flesh and bone. A well-built and sturdy Distance running buddy. Engineering mesh and Eco cushioning will give you many many miles of happiness.

Reviewer : Shane Healy 
Brand : Asics Nimbus 26
Retail Price :  €200

Images : Sportsfile/Sam Barnes 

Available from Intersport Elverys Stores Nationwide or online at https://www.elverys.ie/

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