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Cork City Marathon on June 2

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The only way to finish is to start!

The countdown is on to Cork City Marathon (June 2nd) , featuring the full marathon, half marathon and 10k.   

Race organisers have advised that they have already reached 70% capacity for the 2024 Cork City Marathon and all three races are likely to sell out before the closing date on May 26th.  

The countdown to the highly anticipated Cork City Marathon 2024 on June 2nd is well underway and runners from near and far are gearing up for an unforgettable experience. With just over 1 month left until race day, there’s still ample time to set your sights on a personal best in whatever race category matches your fitness level.  Registration is currently at 70% capacity for all three races and are likely to sell out before the closing date on May 26th so organisers are advising anyone still hoping to participate to register now to avoid disappointment!

Sanctuary Runners Esmeraldo Taveres, Mona El Kafsi , Siun Kearney, Umar Hayat, Yan Zhang, Oleksii Zatsarynskyi with Irish olympic athlete Lizzie Lee at the launch of the Cork City Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 2 June 2024.

Set against the backdrop of Cork City and its charming suburbs, the Cork City Marathon offers participants a flat quick course through city streets lined with supporters, promising an electric atmosphere with every step and many great scenic vantage points. From seasoned athletes to first-time runners, each mile promises to create lasting memories and unforgettable moments.

With over 11,000 entries in 2023, the Cork City Marathon continues to grow each year, attracting participants from Ireland and around the globe. From the USA to Asia, runners flock to Ireland, contributing to the international flavour of this remarkable event. 

This year, the Cork City Marathon is back under the stewardship of Cork City Council and has introduced several enhancements aimed at enhancing the overall experience. Additional water stations, improved distribution channels, and high-quality race t-shirts are just some of the updates awaiting participants. Moreover, the unveiling of a brand-new medal design crafted from recycled metal aligns with the event’s sustainability goals, reinforcing Cork City’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Eamon Hayes, Race Director said, “We’re hoping 2024 will be Cork’s best Cork City Marathon yet. The running community’s high level of involvement in organising the event, coupled with our experienced team and commitment to continued improvement, makes this a great year to participate or support. The Cork City Marathon is not just a significant race on the athletics calendar but is also a great showcase for our city. The event will yet again provide a cultural and economic boost to the local area and we are really calling on Cork locals to take pride in their city’s marathon by coming out in support of the event, the athletes and Cork!!”

The 2024 Cork City Marathon will kick off at 8:15 am for the full marathon, 10:15am for the half marathon and 8:45am for the 10k race (assembly for this race will commence at 8:15am at Merchant’s Quay). As a full member of AIMS, the Cork marathon is World Athletics certified.

Whether you’re eyeing the full marathon, half marathon, or the popular 10K race, there is still time to get on track with your training, with the help of marathon expert tips and training plans. Training plans are available to all on the Cork City Marathon website, with plans to suit each individual’s level of experience, including plans for beginner, intermediate, experienced and very experienced.

Get on the right track with these invaluable tips from Race Director Eamon Hayes, shared for runners preparing for the challenge ahead. 

  1. Make a training schedule that you’ll stick to.  A training plan for Cork City Marathon has been live for a number of weeks on the Runners Diary Podcast and blog series by Brian Ahern and Damian Kenneally, which is also being shared on @corkcitymarathon social media channels. This is so helpful and informative for first time and seasoned runners alike in the build up to race day. We also have half marathon and 10k training plans on our Cork City Marathon website for all levels.
  2. Don’t forget strength and conditioning: Doing one core-building training session a week will improve your strength, posture, running form and, as a result, stamina. Bodyweight exercises areF ideal, as they build strength and balance like planks, side planks, burpees, press-ups, squats, leg presses and split squats.
  3. Fuel your body: Often overlooked, nutrition is a key part of training and recovery.  
  4. A flexible schedule. Things happen and schedules change.. Work around work and family commitments and holidays. Missing a few sessions won’t put you off track. The most important thing is not to panic.  Make it work for your lifestyle, be it running home for work, or taking the kids on their bikes while you run. 
  5. Stretching: Stretching after every run is just as important as the run itself in terms of recovery and injury prevention. 
  6. Listen to your body and slow down or stop when something feels off.  Include plenty of rest days, as they’re crucial to make sure you don’t overtrain and pick up an injury. 
  7. Test your gear before the big day: shoes, clothing, belt bags, energy gels, protein bars – anything you plan to put on or in your body. 
  8. Find a running group – having company will motivate you and you’ll pick up tips from your companions.  Keep an eye on our social media channels for groups in your area.
  9. Visualise. Imagine the finish line during your training and it will help you to keep going!
  10. Try to enjoy the experience; You’ll have as many memories of your training as the big day itself and whether you’re doing a 10k for the first time or looking to improve your marathon time, it’s an incredible adventure!

To register for the Marathon, Half Marathon, or 10K, and for more information on this year’s event, please visit www.corkcity.ie/cork-city-marathon-2024 and follow @corkcitymarathon on social media.

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