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Glenmore AC shows the heart of the Cooley belongs to Inclusion

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Glenmore Athletic Club is set in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula, its location is adjacent to Bush Post Primary school with the backdrop of Slieve Foye, its founding members all from the valley of Glenmore which is 5k from its athletics track base saw a need for athletics in this area back in 1969 where the main sport was GAA, although some of these men were also involved in coaching the local tug of war team.

Their wish was to provide a sport inclusive of all and from that day to this that has been the ethos of the club.

Through the years the club has been involved in every aspect of this, namely, cross border athletics, engaging with athletes from all the divides of that time, as well as being the venue for Leinster Special Olympics.

Glenmore’s facilities have been used regularly by the local Special Olympic clubs and in 2004 they were host to the Thai & Greek Special Olympic teams visiting Ireland.

As part of their annual Credit Union races, for the twelve primary schools in the catchment area, an additional needs event has always been included. The club also engaged in a Come & Try Day, where able bodied athletes competed together with athletes using wheelchairs.


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