Athletics Ireland launch 2023 Remembrance Run 5k

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The 2023 Remembrance Run 5k was launched yesterday by Athletics Ireland.

The event was launched by Irish Runner Consultant Editor Frank Greally who founded the event in 2012.

This year’s event will place a special focus on those in the athletics community who have passed away in recent years as well as those from the wider sporting community.

Greally came up with the idea for the Remembrance Run 5k in London at the 2012 Olympics when news filtered through to him of the passing of his good friend and respected journalist Con Houlihan.

That morning rather than rushing to the stadium, Greally and the Irish Examiner’s Brendan Mooney sat over a pot of tea reminiscing on the impact Houlihan had on their lives.

“I’m always glad that we did that and when I returned from the Olympic Games I decided with my employer, Athletics Ireland, to organise an event in Con’s memory – a unique event that would offer comfort and some healing to people experiencing grief and loss for loved ones, family and friends passed,” Greally says.

“I also wanted to make the Remembrance Run 5k a hopeful and uplifting event when participants would celebrate the memory of loved ones passed and also share gratitude for their own gift of days and good health.”

The event has grown year after year, and it is hoped that nearly 5000 people will take part this November. Greally and all those taking part will remember those who were close to them.

“Since that day in London in 2012, three great friends – the sports journalists Brendan Mooney, (Irish Examiner), Tom O’Riordan (Irish Independent) and Peter Byrne (Irish Times) have passed, and their memory will be celebrated on November 12th.

We have also said goodbye over the last few years to a number of great former athletes and volunteers in Irish athletics. The same is true of the wider sporting community. The world of music, art, theatre, and literature has also lost several well-known, uniquely gifted. people. We will remember them all, as well as our own departed family members and friends on November 12th.”

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