Joma R.2000 running shoe

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Overall verdict 8/10


Joma’s most complete and versatile trainers are here to stay. Recommended for fast runners who want to be more comfortable while running. The technology of their midsole provides such reactivity that you will fly effortlessly. They are super lightweight, breathable and boast an excellent fit and hold. With a high durability sole on tarmac.

  • Optimised breathability
  • Durability rubber sole
  • Excellent energy return
  • Price
  • Small fit
  • Limited colour choice
  • All rounder as opposed to specific race shoe

Hard-to-match in the comfort stakes, making the R2000 shoes ideal for long training runs. Thanks to their lightness and the sole’s reactivity they’re great for post-competition recovery or race prep.

The R.2000 is suitable for those who land on the front of their feet, even for more technical runners who land on their toes. 

The shape of the shoe (10 mm Drop), equipped with the FLY REACTIVE midsole system, offers the little bit extra return, while the shoe itself is composed of a super lightweight material that recovers its shape quickly, optimising reactivity and providing excellent energy return. 

The R.2000’s upper is made of very light, flexible and highly breathable technical mesh. The VTS perforations allow airflow in and out so that the foot temperature remains constant even at a very fast pace. 

The soles are made with DURABILITY rubber to withstand the wear from tarmac, providing excellent resistance and durability for anyone putting in the long miles this summer.

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