Shokz Trekz Air headphones

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Overall verdict 6/10


Great around the office, the gym and out on a run, these bone conduction earphones that sit outside the ear are so comfortable you forget you're wearing them. However, sound quality is not as good as from regular headphones.

  • Comfortable & stable fit
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Helps situational awareness
  • Low volume
  • Sound quality
  • Short battery life

The bone conduction speakers of the Trekz Air are really designed to do the opposite of most headphones that claim noise isolation or cancellation. 

The slight ‘tickle’ of the ears will be new to some, but let’s stress one thing; the Trekz Air are superb if you’re out on a run in the countryside. 

The biggest downfall for anyone looking to build the miles is its short battery life. However, that’s caused by a clever lightweight design that’s hard to resist, and which gives the Trekz Air a characteristic that’s truly unique; they’re so light and un-intrusive that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. 

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