Shokz OpenRun S803 Mini Wireless Headphones

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Overall verdict 6/10


Great around the office, the gym and out on a run, these bone conduction earphones that sit outside the ear are so comfortable you forget you're wearing them. However, sound quality is not as good as from regular headphones.

  • Comfortable & stable fit
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Helps situational awareness
  • Low volume
  • Sound quality
  • Short battery life

Forget everything you thought bone conduction technology was because Shokz just reinvented the wheel with OpenRun Mini. Pushing the boundaries with open-ear listening, they’ve implemented brand new PremiumPitch 2.0+ and angled the transducers to ensure optimal placement on the cheekbones, allowing for more dynamic bass, higher volume and less vibration. Designed to empower users to redefine their possible, OpenRun Mini harmonizes portability, usability, durability, safety, and enhanced sound quality.

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